NASA Warning: Huge Asteroid to hit Earth in 2023

In 2012, we had seen people panic that world would come to an end due to natural calamities. A Hollywood movie was also made. The latest D-date is set in 2023. A massive asteroid is set to collide with earth in 2023.

NASA has issued a warning that a asteroid called the 2018 LF16 which is 700ft or double the size of Big Ben is likely to hit earth on August 8, 2023. However, the American space research organization also gives a probability of 30 millionth chance of this happening.

nasa warning asteroid to hit earth on 2023

The asteroid has 62 different trajectories through our planet. In case it hits the earth, the dates could vary between August 3, 2024 and August 1, 2025.

US space agency is keenly observing the trajectory asteroid to be prepared in case it hits earth on any of aforesaid dates to minimize the damage.

In 2013, a much smaller asteroid struck Chelyabinsk Oblast in Russia injuring around 1,000 people due to an explosion.




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