Journo Leaks Kaushal Secret & Calls Bigg Bogus Acts

Kaushal Manda who raised fame with Bigg Boss season 2 has caught in a new row. After winning Biggboss title and returning to his daily routine the people star has got many achievements. Kaushal Manda himself has revealed that he has got a call from PMO, achieved doctorate and made place Gunniess book of world records.

On the other hand, TV5 Murthy has conducted a special chitchat with Kaushal Manda and addressed Kaushal achievements as bigg bogus in a live show. Murthy has come up with paperwork proving the call from PMO office, Doctorate and Guniess Book of World Records are false.

There is a communication gap between Kaushal and the respective correspondents proving Kaushal Manda bogus. However, Will Kaushal get Doctorate and Guniess Book of World Records after all the ruckus is a big question?



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