Manoj’s heartwarming words about NTR


Manchu Manoj keeps surprising fans with his sudden decisions. Recently he shocked everyone announcing beginning of his new journey. Manoj vowed to help needy youth in achieving their goals. He was grandly welcomed by fans in Tirupati.

Fans went berserk as media misinterpreted that Manoj is quitting films to join politics. Manoj took to twitter clarifying to fans that movies remain his passion and politics is distant subject. One fan asked him to say few words about NTR.

Manoj’s reply is heartwarming indeed. “Naa Pranam,” replied he. Manoj is known to be best buddy of young tiger. The way he took care of Tarak when he was in distress having lost his father Harikrishna speaks volumes about their bonding. Interestingly, both the stars are born on same day i.e. May 20th, 1983.

manchu manoj about ntr


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