Man killed By Snake After Using it to Force Women to Have Sex

China has the deadliest creatures and snakes are one among them, we earlier seen a snake biting the man genitals in the bathroom who was later rescued. Now a completely new story has been witnessed in China. A man has used snakes to threaten women to have sex with him and later died of the same snake bite.


According to the statement, the man (Fan) brought her into the hotel at 5 PM and allegedly raped her. And he did so by threatening her with the 3 snakes that he had along with him. However, later that night, Fan was bitten by one of the snakes and instead of seeking medical assistance or calling the police, he went to bed and died in his sleep.

One of the reptiles was said to be a many-banded krait, one of the deadliest snakes in the world commonly seen in south-east Asia and southern China.

Firefighters were alerted by an unspecified source after snakes had been found on the first floor, who rushed to the scene caught one snake inside the room where the victim died and another outside a nearby vacant room.

The post-mortem report of the man did confirm that he died of a snake bite. However, the woman’s claims of being raped by him still under investigation.


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