Mahesh Kathi’s Serious Allegations On Poonam

mahesh kathi

Controversial film critic Mahesh Kathi has made sensational allegations against actress Poonam Kaur. Reacting to Poonam’s Twitter rant, Mahesh shot six questions at Poonam which have already created a storm. One of the questions, he raised is about Poonam committing suicide when she felt deceived by none other than Pawan Kalyan. The other question was Pawan recommended Poonam’s name for the brand ambassador of Andhra Pradesh handlooms.

Mahesh also claimed that Pawan and his friend, director Trivikram performed witchcraft at a Tirupathi temple but the reasons were not revealed. He added that he has evidence for all the questions he raised and will disclose each and everything at an appropriate time. Mahesh said that he is ready for open debate.


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