Maa Abbayi Review


Average Rating: 3
Total Critics: 2


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Bland revenge drama

Rating: 2.25/5

Routine revenge drama

Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Sri Vishnu, Chitra Shukla

Director: Kumar Vatti

Producer: Balaga Prakash Rao

Music: Suresh Bobbili


Hero (SriVishnu) is responsible youth who takes care of his elderly parents and sister. He makes arrangements for his sister’s marraige. The happy family meets an unfortunate incident. A sudden bomb blast that happens in the city turns Vishnu’s life upside down. He is left alone losing his entire family members. He vows to take revenge on those who are behind the bomb blast. His chase for the criminals forms the rest of the story.


Sri Vishnu has been appearing in several films like Prathinidhi and S/O Satyamurthy but couldn’t make a mark. Nara Rohith’s ‘Appatlo Okkadundevadu’ gave Sri Vishnu the break he has been waiting for. With Maa Abbayi, Sri Vishnu has turned into solo hero. Let us see if the film helps him climb to next level.

Maa Abbayi is touted to be inspired by real life incident that happened in Hyderabad. Outdated plot and routine story is the weak point of the film. Screenplay too is not excitingly written. Some dialogues are impressive. First half is normal with not many twists.

Drama lacks the depth and several scenes miss logic. Revenge is not convincing. The film rarely thrills audience. Romance between lead pair is some what well filmed.

Sri Vishnu shines in this dull movie. He gives a riveting performance. His dialogue delivery is his biggest asset. He appears to be next Ravi Teja in making. Bollywood actress Chitra Shukla is appealing in her girl-next-door look. She delivers decent performance. Music is quite good. Cinematography is average.


Sri Vishnu performance

Romance between lead pair

Some dialogues


Weak plot

Boring screenplay

Poor direction

Bottom-line: Bland revenge drama