Like NTR, KCR Can Manage Both – KTR

TRS party to held meeting on Saturday on the occasion of KTR being appointed as working president. KTR won as MLA from Siricilla with over 90k votes majority.

Addressing the gathering KTR said that,”TRS party is set to play crucial role in national politics. Like NTR managed well between state and national politics in 1980s, KCR too can manage both and lead us to success in next 15 years.”

“KCR is rooting for the Federal Front to strive for paradigm shift in the political scenario in the country. Its an attempt to build a non-Congress, non-BJP federal front,” said he.

However, KTR took a jibe at Chandrababu Naidu saying that his alliance with congress and other parties is self-motivated oppurtunist political agenda.

Speaking to media, at press club KTR said,” TRS will also be playing significant role in Andhra Pradesh elections.” He vowed to give sleepless nights to Chandrababu Naidu.

Soon, he claimed that TRS interference in AP politics will be part of its broader strategy at national level.

However, he dodged the question whether TRS would form alliance with YSRCP or Janasena party and said that TRS neither have friends nor do have enemies in AP.

When a reporter asked him about his aspirations of becoming CM of Telangana, KTR said, “There is no vacany of  CM post in Telangana. KCR will rule the state for another 15 years at least. Believe me, I don’t have any desire to become CM.”



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