Kissing Kajal Aggarwal was pre-planned bet?

In the wake of the hullabaloo surrounding Metoo movement and fight against sexual harassment in the film industry, Chota K Naidu kissing Kajal Aggarwal at Kavacham teaser launch triggered uproar.

Kajal Aggarwal fans are fuming over the senior cinematographer for hugging and kissing her on stage in front of public and media. Kajal may have shrugged it off but women activists are considering it as another Metoo act.


Chota is being slammed for his vulgar behavior on stage. Chota blamed it on Thaman.  The Music director is said to have provoked Chota that we cannot kiss Kajal. Apparently, Chota took it as challenge and proved Thaman wrong by kissing her on the dais. He revealed it then and there.

Meanwhile, furious netizens are trending #BanChotaKNaiduFromTFI demanding ban on Chota K Naidu. They questioned that if he could misbehave like this with a senior heroine in public what could be the fate of young actresses on the sets.




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