Kathi’s 100 Cr and Caste comment on Pawan

Pawan Kalyan is on rage attacking political rivals on his Porata Yatra in East Godavari. Meanwhile, Kathi Mahesh has been mocking his public speeches on social media. Pawan has been telling that he quit films and stardom where he could earn 100 cr per year to enter politics only for people’s sake. Kathi criticized Pawan’s statement in his satirical style. “Pawan Kalyan got a remuneration of 25 cr for Agnyaathavasi.

Mahesh_Kathi_Pawan_Kalyan_porata yatra

So, he has to do 4 films a year to earn 100 crore which is impossible. But he would have earned 100 cr by campaigning for TDP and BJP in 2014 elections. That is why he prefered politics over films,” wrote Kathi. Further the film critic slammed Pawan for saying he’s a Brahmin. Kathi also took jibe as the Janasena chief said he is a Adivasi when he met tribals the other day on his tour. Janasena followers are furious over Kathi for his controversial comments.



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