Janasena not to get more than X seats, says Kathi Mahesh

Kathi Mahesh continues to pull the leg of Pawan Kalyan. The film critic keeps provoking power star fans by making controversial comments on Pawan. Latest, he predicted Janasena’s election result. Kathi predicted that Pawan’s party will be confined to five or seven seats. Kathi added that Kapu community lacks unity and Pawan doesn’t have political clarity.

Pawan Kalyan fans request to Mahesh Kathi

Further he said that TDP will also bite the dust in the upcoming elections as their community has become power greedy. So, Kathi Mahesh indirectly hints that YSRCP shall come to power and YS Jagan will become CM effortlessly. It is said that Kathi is expecting MLA ticket from YSRCP.

mahesh kathi janasena


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