Jagan attacker’s sensational revelation

Srinivas who is accused in murder attempt on YS Jagan made startling revelation. Srinivas attacked Jagan with cockfight knife at Vizag airport. YSRCP leader got injured in arm.

Jagan attacker Srinivas life threat

Opposition party leaders held TDP and Chandrababu Naidu responsible for the attack. Ruling party alleged that it was a publicity stunt by Jagan to gain sympathy. SIT has been probing the incident. Meanwhile, Srinivas’ health deteriorated and he has been rushed to KGH hospital in Vizag.

Jagan attacker Srinivas life threat

Repoortedly, Police shifted him to hospital as he complained chest pain. It is raising suspicion as Srinivas is seen on a wheelchair. He appears weak and scared. Media managed to reach him and get his statement. Srinivas said that his life is under threat and that they are trying to kill him. “YS Rajasekhar Reddy is our God. I attacked Jagan to let him know our problems. People should realize how great Jagan id and vote him to power,” said he.

Doctors released statement that Srinivas is normal and it could be gastric pain. Cops revealed that he’s not having food. Srinivas is shifted back to custody after doctors confirmed that his vitals are stable.



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