Interesting Facts Of Antariksham Revealed

Just hours left for the release of first Telugu Space thriller Antariksham. The film is raising expectations as the national award winner Ghazi director Sankalp is helming it and director Krish has turned producer for it under First Frame Entertainments banner. While Varun Tej and the lead cast are biting their nail out of curiosity and tension we have got you some interesting scenes from the movie ahead of release.

Antariksham has blockbuster target ahead
Antariksham has blockbuster target ahead

The news is that the film’s first half will take place on the earth with interesting Varun Tej’s chemistry with the lead pair and the second half will shift to space and their expedition. The VFX in the second half will be the main highlight reveals sources.

The 8-minute long climax and the gripping drama will offer a nail-biting experience. If everything falls in place there’s no exaggeration in saying that Antariksham will set a different phase in the Telugu Cinema.


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