Insect found in Chocolate Cake at IKEA Hyderabad


Ikea Hyderabad has been in headlines more for wrong reasons. Couple of days back a customer complained having found a caterpillar in his biryani. GHMC slapped the Swedish furniture store with 11k fine. Ikea dropped biryani from its menu. Now again, another customer complained that he found a insect in a chocolate cake at the Ikea food court.

The customer recorded a video and posted it on Twitter tagging it to GHMC officials and Telangana minister KTR. Apparently, he had found a fly in the chocolate cake he had ordered for his daughter, it flew off in a moment. Municipal authorities have imposed a fine of Rs 5,000 this time and collected food samples for test.

Ikea Hyderabad store spokesperson regretted the incident and apologized.


Insect found in Chocolate Cake at IKEA Hyderabad


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