Iddari Madhya 18 Review


Average Rating: 2
Total Critics: 2


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Waste of time

Rating: 1.5/5

Nothing new to offer

Rating: 2/5

Release Date : 04/21/2017

Cast: Ram Karthik, Bhanu Tripatri

Director : Nani Acharyaa

Music: Gantadi Krishna

Producer : Shivaraj Patil

Story :

Mahi(Ram Karthik) and Hima(Bhanu Tripatri) are students. They both go on a industrial tour to Araku valley.  Eventually they fall in love. Mahi and Hima are put on a same project titled Mission 18. The project has something to do with national security. Mahi and Hima face challenges both in their love and mission. Will they complete the mission crossing all the hurdles and become one forms the rest of the story.


Iddari Madhya 18 is a youthful entertainer. It is a story of love and patriotism. The film has an undercurrent social message. It is an honest effort. But the screenplay has played spoilsport. The film moves at snail pace with sluggish scenes.

Poorly written scenes are even more terribly treated on screen. First half stretches like a chewing gum. Audience are relieved by interval break. Second half is equally painful. Its a test to patience. Pathetic script and amateur direction makes this film hard to sit through.

Dialogues are silly and repeatative. Bithri Sathi tickles with his Telangana slang. Ram Karthik looks cool but he has to improve a lot. Bhanu Tripatri looked a girl-next-door and her dubbing is apt. Camera woark is impressive in capturing natural beauty of Araku. Music is just average.


Social message



Dull screenplay

Old fashion making

Silly and boring scenes

Bottom-line: Waste of time