Idam Jagath Full Movie Review


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Idam Jagat - Befitting crime thriller
Rating: 3/5

Idam Jagath – Engaging in parts
Rating: 2.75/5

Idam Jagath Full Movie Review

Idam Jagath Story:

Nishit (Sumanth) suffers with insomnia which is why he takes up investigative journalism as profession. He starts filming crime scenes and uses the video clips to earn extra income. Interim, he slips into love with Mahati(Anju Kurian). Nishit shoots a murder case and blackmails murderers for huge money in exchange of the footage.

However, he lands in troubles due to mafia involved in it. What troubles does Nishit face? Can he come out of the mess?  Curious to know, watch Idham Jagat in theaters.

Idam Jagath Review:

Idam Jagat is a novel crime thriller with interesting set up. The film is very relevant to the contemporary media mania in Telugu states. Dark side of corrupt media that indulges in blackmailing with crime footages for heft money is well portrayed. The film also throws light on how TV channels manipulate news for their vested interests.

First half is engaging with intriguing premise created around crime journalism. Romance and comedy interrupt the proceedings. Interval twist raises the curiosity with which second half is driven racy.

Director Anil Srikantham is successful with crisp narration. Crime scenes are presented logically and convincingly. Romance between lead pair hinders the otherwise intriguing film. Climax could have been better.


Idam Jagat is well made with decent production values having made on shoestring budget. DOP need to be lauded for impressive visual captivating scenic beauty of Vizag. The story happens mostly in night and the cinematography played key role in creating the effect. Drone shots also create intended impact. Background music is not upto the mark. Thumbs up for tight screenplay with crisp editing.


Sumanth tries something that he has never attempted before. He excels as a greedy journo with grey shades. He emotes will with subtle expressions, especially in the latter half.

Anju Kurian is cool in her role. Comedian Satya Akalla appears in an interesting role. Shafi is decent  as a reporter.  Arjun Reddy fame Kalyan is surprises in negative role.

Bottom-line: “Idam Jagath – Befitting crime thriller

Cast : Sumanth, Anju Kurian

Director : Anil Srikantam

Producer : Gangapatnam Sridhar

Music: Sricharan Pakala

DOP: Bal Reddy

Editor : Garry Bh

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