I can give better speeches than Pawan, says Comedian


It is well known that Comedian Prudhvi has joined YSRCP. He met YS Jagan on his Sankalpa Yatra and extended his support. Prudhvi is also expecting MLA ticket for upcoming elections. The actor has been attacking rival parties and leaders.

Latest, he made sensational comments on Pawan Kalyan. “Janasena will not get even deposits. People are not interested in Pawan Kalyan. Janasena is no threat to our party. YSRCP will come to power with full majority and Jagan will become CM in 2019 for sure. This is not my opinion or my parties but people’s choice,” said Prudhvi.

Further he added that he can give speeches better than Pawan Kalyan. Janasena is indulging in caste politics. Pawan is no different from politicians who resort to politics to come to power, says Prudhvi.


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