Devadas Full Movie Review and Rating


Average Critics Rating: 3
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Critic Reviews for The Boxtrolls

Devadas – Vanilla crime-comedy with icing of Nag-Nani bromance
Rating: 3/5

Bromantic Comedy
Rating: 3/5

Nag & Nani ‘s Timepass Bromance
Rating: 2.75/5

Time Pass!
Rating: 3/5

Devadas Full Movie Review and Rating

Devadas Story:

Das (Nani), an innocent doctor gets into troubles with his overenthusiasm. He is kidnapped by Deva ( Nagarjuna), a most wanted don for his treatment. Deva appoints Das as mafia doctor to treat his gang when hurt in criminal activities.

Deva is kingpin of Sarath Kumar, a godfather who raises him. Sarath’s son Ajay (Naveen Chandra) envies Deva, so poses threat to his life. Das also has to face the wrath from Deva’s rivals. Meanwhile, Das falls in love with Pooja (Rashmika).

Das feels that administering love into Deva’s life will change him.He introduces Jahnvi (Aakanksha), a doctor to Deva. Will Deva mend his ways? Will Das ever be freed from Deva?

Devadas Review:

Devadas is a crime comedy entertainer with pinch of romance. The film banks heavily on Nagarjuna and Nani’s bromance. Devadas is Tollywood version of Hollywood flick Analyze. The plot is pretty simple. Screenplay has its highs and lows. First half is packed with some fun moments as innocent Das falls in the hands of dreadful criminals and how he transforms their den into his clinic. Loosely coupled romantic episodes of both the pairs also is sweet.

However, the film gets uneventful post interval except for Deva’s once sided romance. Unnecessary action and not so convincing rival gang wars kill the excitement. Conflict point that bring clash between Deva and Das also is not that appealing. Except for rich production values, crazy and happening star cast the film has no great content value. Sriram Adittya could have focused more on script by infusing some engaging episodes. There no hilarious moments either. Climax comes on a silly note.


The wacky chemistry between Nagaruna and Nani is the USP of Devadas. Nagarjuna is flamboyant as a don like he was in the movie Don and Manmadhudu. His exuding energy adds to the pep. Nani underplays as a innocent doctor. His role could have been etched better. Rashmika Mandanna who made a splash with Geetha Govindam is wasted in a appear behind role with no scope to emote. Aakanksha Singh is pretty and perfect. Vennela Kishore is wasted.


Devadas is lavish in making with pleasant visuals and enticing ambience. Background score by Manisharma enhances the film’s template. It gives depth to the shallow scenes. Cinematography is decent and production design is rich. Especially, art department needs special mention for the colorful songs.

Bottom-line: “Devadas – Vanilla crime-comedy with icing of Nag-Nani bromance”

Cast: Nagarjuna, Nani, Rashmika Mandanna, Aakanksha Singh

Director: Sriram Adittya

Music: Manisharma

Producer: Ch. Ashwini Dutt

Banner: Vyjayanthi Movies

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