Controversial Vulgar Comments on Shakeela Poster

Biopic on Shakeela movie is being made in Bollywood. Recently, first look of this film is out. Richa Chaddha who plays onscreen Shakeela is seen wearing only gold ornaments but nothing. The wall behind her has raked controversies. It carried words like ‘Kaali’ and ‘Moti’ suggesting that Shakeela was fat and dark.

‘Khan hoke Aisa Kaam’ is nother inscription that grabbed attention. Muslim community leaders almost issued Fatwa on Shakeel for degrading honour of Muslim women. Coming to the most sensational part. The wall has got Tamil words translated to ‘F word’ and man’s private parts drawn over it. The film will surely trigger many controversies when it is ready for release, feel film folks.

richa chaddha first look as shakeela



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