Chandrababu’s Cool Response to KCR’s Fury

KCR’s scathing attack on Chandrababu Naidu using derogatory language sparked war of words between TDP and TRS. Other party leaders too condemned KCR using offensive language at CM of neighboring state. Chandrababu Naidu responded on KCR’s allegations in media interaction at Amaravati today. Andhra Pradesh CM remained composed not losing his cool unlike KCR. Over the top, he satired that KCR and Jagan are like Junior Modis .

“KCR has started attacking me suddenly as per direction from Narendra Modi. He failed to gain support of CMs of other states to form his Federal Front and hence he is showing that fury on me. KCR has made secret pact with Modi and YS Jagan. He don’t want AP to develop as his inefficiency will be exposed to Telangana public, so he wants me to lose in upcoming elections at any cost. KCR abused Modi several times but still PM doesn’t mind. This shows they are friends behind the screens,” said Naidu.


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