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Total Critics: 2


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Black Money is mix of thrill and entertainment

Rating: 2.5/5

Fight for TRPs

Rating: 2.75/5

Release Date : 04/21/2017

Cast: Mohanlal, Amala Paul

Director: Joshiy

Music: Ratheesh Vegha

Cinematography: RD Rajasekhar

Producer: Milan Jaleel


Venu (Mohanlal) is a acclaimed media cameraman who has experience of working in BBC and Reuters. He falls in love with another investigative journalist Renuka (Amala Paul) who works with a local channel Bharath Vision. They both decide to marry.

Meanwhile, Venu’s close friend Hrishikesh (Biju Menon) seeks Venu and Renu’s help in starting his own news channel. The couple conduct sting operation on a high profile politician taking crores of bribe from a businessman. The visuals are supposed to be aired with launch of Hrishikesh’s new channel but Renu cheats them and telecasts the video on Bharath Vision.

Venu feels decieved by her and the couple part their ways. He also becomes enemy to the politician for shooting the episode. After few years, Venu and Renu are obliged to undertake another sting operation. It is about a murder involving the same politician. What happens this time? Why did Renu cheat Venu? Who is behind all the mess? All this and much more is in offing from ‘Black Money’


Black Money is dubbed version of Malayalam thriller ‘Run Baby Run’. The film is set in media backdrop. Though storyline is simple, the screenplay is gripping with intriguing narration. The film is apt today’s scenario as how media functions and how politics influence the news.

Day to day situations met by media professionals are well presented.  First half is quite engaging with interesting episodes how Mohanlal and Amala take up the secret missions. In the process Mohanlal uses some high-end spy cameras. Situational comedy keeps it entertaining.

The romance and break-up of the pair adds emotional touch to the film. Second half deals with unraveling of the mystery put forth in first half. Towards the end the film gets predictable.

Dialogues are decent but dubbing could have been better.  Logics are given a toss and too many cinematic liberties are taken. However it all goes unnoticed in fast paced screenplay and stellar performances.

Mohanlal is superb as a high-profile cameraman makes the film even more engrossing. Amala Paul adds glamour to the film. Her role has a mysterious angle and she is apt in it. Background score is not upto the mark to lift the thrilling scenes. Cinematography is good. Albeit some cliches and goof-ups, Black Money is a decent watch.


Racy screenplay

Mohanlal and Amala Paul performances

Suspense element


logic loopholes

Predictable second half

Bottom-line: Black Money is mix of thrill and entertainment