Biggboss New Strategy to make a Difference in votes

Its just four days left for the Biggboss Finale. The Biggboss team is trying hard to bring in entertainment with the housemates. The best example is the characters swap task in the previous episode.

Nani Bigg Boss

As just only days are left in the house the Biggboss team is trying hard to bring back a friendly bond among the housemates. As a part of the tasks given all most every task is  completely emotional rather than physical. Coming to the facts and speculations is Biggboss doing this because to split votes among the contenders?

We all know Kaushal has a huge fan base and Deepthi is giving a tough competition to him in the regards of votes. To encourage the audience and Biggboss voters there are rumours that Biggboss is trying hard to bring a change in the perspective of audience among the audience rather making it a one-sided game.


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