BiggBoss 2: Kaushal to be given Red Card?

Like Allu Arjun says in Naa Peru Surya, obviously anyone who is angry would get bad words not mantras. Kaushal had a spat with Tanish and other housemates of Bigg Boss 2 in the recent episode. They had heated argument after the sand task. Kaushal lost his cool and said that all of them are uniting to attack him like dogs. Tanish, Roll Rida and Samrat got furious and turned violent almost manhandling Kaushal. Kaushal army folks feel it’s a conspiracy to defame Kaushal in the eyes of viewers.

Kaushal has been calm and composed in several such occasions when contestants tried to provoke him. Nani also seems to have targeted him. It is believed that Bigg Boss is testing Kaushal’s patience. As there is a breaking point for everything, Kaushal’s temper has blown out and he finally made his point. In a fit of rage he used the word ‘Kukkalu’.

kaushal red card elimination

Perhaps, Nani had recently warned Kaushal for hurling offensive language towards Roll Rida and that he would be punished if he repeats. Now, that he has violated the rule by abusing again he likely to be given a red card by Biggboss. It is almost equal to elimination.

Nani as a host is expected in between week itself as an emergency to give red card elimination. We have seen red card elimination take place in Tamil and Hindi versions of Bigg Boss. If Kaushal really gets red card then it would be doomsday for Bigg Boss 2 Telugu and TRPs would crash down, feel Kaushal fans.



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