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Bhairava Geetha – Violent & erotic love story sans emotions
Rating: 1.5/5

Bhairava Geetha Story:

Geetha (Irra Mor) comes to village after completion of her graduation. Her father is a factionist. She falls in love with her father’s aide Bhairava(Dhanunjaya). Her dad who doesn’t like it orders his goons to kill Bhairava. Geetha elopes with Bhairava worsening things. Remaining story is all about how the pair go against all odds to make their love victorious.

Bhairava Geetha Review:

Bhairava Geetha is run-of-the-mill love story set in faction backdrop. The story has shades of Gopichand’s Yagnam. Interesting premise is created in the first half with romance and fun. Post interval, the film gets heavy with too much of violence and unnecessary drama.

Rayalaseema backdrop is well utilized in the first half. Atrocities on downtrodden people is showcased in realistic manner. The interval bang is thrilling and creates an impact on audience.

The romantic chemistry between lead pair doesn’t appeal a bit despite some steamy intimate scenes. Caste based discrimination goes overboard and irks. Redundant action episodes unwarranted bloodshed makes it weary watch. Clumsy climax appears rushed.


Dhanunjaya delivers a decent performance. He looks rugged in action scenes and expressive in emotional scenes. Irra Mor oozes oomph.


Bhairava Geetha is RGV trademark violent love story. The film is technically sound. Cinematography is brilliant in capturing raw and rustic Rayalaseema dry lands. Drone shots create a gloomy effect, especially in a song shot at Gandikota in Kadapa. Background score sounds to be lifted from Hollywood flicks. Dialogues are okay. Director Siddhartha takes outdated story to present it in realistic fashion but ends up delivering a underwhelming film.

Bottom-line: Bhairava Geetha – Violent & erotic love story sans emotions

Cast :  Dhananjay , Irra Mor, Raja Balwadi

Director :  Siddhartha Thatholu

Producer : Abhishek Nama and Bhasker Rassi

Music: Ravi Shankar

DOP : Jagadeesh Cheekati

Editor : Anwar Ali



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