Balakrishna’s blooper going viral!

Nandamuri Balakrishna is known for his wacky speeches. His typical style mostly attracts criticism. Balayya often lands in trouble with offensive language usage. Remember he said he would impregnate a lady on first sight at Savitri movie event.

Balakrishna’s latest speech on the occasion of Nandamuri Suhasini’s nomination is going viral on internet. Balayya made ridiculous statement on Harikrishna’s death.

“Maa Annagari Akala maranam mammalni Sambaramascharyalaku guri chesindhi,” said he. It means that my brother’s sudden death made us cheerfully surprising.

Of course, it was a tongue in the cheek moment for the actor cum politician. Political opponents are circulating the blooper rigorously.


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