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‘ATM Working’ but no cash

Rating: 1.75/5

Fails to impress

Rating: 2.25/5

Cast: Pawan, Karunya

Director : P. Sunil Kumar Reddy

Producers : Kishore Basireddy, Yakkali ravindra babu

Music : Praveen Immadi

Story :

Ananth(Pawan) is unemployed youth. He falls in love with Apsara (Karunya). Ananth decides to settle down in life. He plans to start his own business with his friends. In a bid to make fast money, they start printing fake currency with backing from a politician. Their business takes deadly blow as Central Government bans old notes. What will Ananth and his friends do with the printed fake cash? What has Apsara got to do with it? Solutions to these problems are answered in the film.


As title ‘ATM Working’ indicates, the film is based on demonetization. It is a con-comedy thriller. The idea is contemporary and interesting but making a full length feature film with this wafer-thin storyline is the challenge.

P. Sunil Kumar Reddy, who earlier directed the award-winning film Gangaputrulu handles the film subtly. The first half of the film appears like a news debate analysing  advantages and disadvantages of demonetization. Comedy is generated through common man’s problems in ATM queues and bank lines.

But over a period, the film gets boring with redundant scenes. Second half goes awry. Characters are not well designed. Film gets unbearable from pre-climax and the director seems to have lost control as how to end the movie. Lead pair are just okay. Support cast doesn’t leave any impression.

Technically the film is poor in making with low production values. Music is below average. Cinematography is shaky. It gives a feel of watching a extended short film.



First half


Second half

Production values



Bottom-line: ‘ATM Working’ but no cash