Anushka gives hint about her wedding?

Fans have been anxious to know when and whom Anushka will be getting married. The 35 year old actress has scored some massive blockbusters like Baahubali and Bhaagmathie. Anushka is rumoured to be in relationship Prabhas.

Gossip mongers murmered that she met Prabhas in USA to wish him on his birthday with a precious gift. However, both Prabhas and Anushka laughed off the rumours and reiterated that they are just friends.

Meanwhile, Anushka’s parents have been searching for a suitable boy for her. Latest pic shared by Anushka is creating stir among fans if she found a guy and her wedding is on cards. Anushka shared a pic of her foot with a tender leaf string wound around her toe. She didn’t give any caption. Fans are wondering if she symbolically hinting at her marriage.

anushka marriage


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