Anupama Parameswaran delinks Sri Reddy

Anupama Parameswaran one most sought after actress at the moment. Her sensuous seducing act in Ram’s Hello Guru Prema Kosame has become talk of the town. The talented beauty is not getting her due roles that she deserves.

Earlier, a section of media reported that Anupama supported Sri Reddy’s fight against casting couch. It was said that Anupama admitted to have faced casting couch in the film film industry and confessed to have experienced sexual harassment. It was also reported as Anupama said that she’s not getting big offers because of not compromising her character.

Anupama is upset with these rumours. She denied saying these things. “Over enthusiastic media cooked up these stories and linked me to Sri Reddy issue. I am happy with the offers I get and I am proud of my work,” said she in a recent interview.



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