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Antariksham – Commendable attempt but misses the target
Rating: 2.5/5

Antariksham full movie review

Antariksham Story:

World’s communication system is under threat due to malfunctioning of an Indian satellite named Mihira. Dev(Varun Tej) is the scientist who developed it. He along with team of astronauts (Aditi Rao, Satyadev, Kunal) set on mission to space to fix the satellite.

Varun has to leave his girlfriend Paaru(Lavanya).  What kind of problems does the team face on their mission? Will the technical glitch be fixed? Will they return safely? To find out watch Antariksham at your nearest theaters.

Antariksham Review:

Antariksham is a space odyssey drama. Sankalp makes an honest attempt with decent technical values. Antriksham lacks commercial ingredients. The film starts off on interesting note and thrilling premise is created in first half.

The scientific issues and technical problems are not convincingly explained thereby leading to confusion. The second half is meddled with space episodes that look forced and the drama doesn’t connect at all.

Audience will be having no clue of what’s happening and so are not engaged with the proceedings.

Astranauts floating in space trying to repair the satellite looks artificial without an proper justification. Climax is underwhelming. There are many palpable logical loopholes as the narration is bland.

Scenes like Dev going missing in space and returning back like hero appear silly. A speeding satellite docks with International Space Station like plugpoint socket is another joke on the audience.


Varun Tej’s screen presence is good. He is apt as an astronaut. He emotes well with intense moments. Aditi Rao is decent in supporting role. Lavanya Tripathi appears for brief period.


Antariksham gives a different experience to Telugu audience. Sankalp makes sure that the film is visually alluring. VFX comes first and it is done to a T for the limited budget. Cinematography is good. Music is not upto the mark for a space thriller.

Big thumbs up to the production design and art directors for getting space ship interiors and satellite setup realistic.

Bottom-line: Antariksham – Commendable attempt but misses the target

Cast : Varun Tej, Aditi Rao Hydari, Lavanya Tripathi

Director : Sankalp Reddy

Producers : Radha Krishna Jagarlamudi, Sai Babu Jagarlamudi

Music: Prashanth Vihari

DOP : Gnana Shekar V.S.

Editor : Karthika Srinivas

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