Amar Akbar Anthony Full Movie Review and Rating


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Amar Akbar Anthony Full Movie Review and Rating

Amar Akbar Antony Story:

Amar completes life term for murder at a US prison. He is set to avenge his parents murder. FBI agents investigate series of killings. He suffers with dissociative personality disorder.

At times he turns into Akbar, an intelligent and kind guy and into Antony, a psychologist. Co-incidentally, Pooja (Ileana) also suffers with same disorder. She consults Antony for treatment. Both are estranged childhood friends and share a common back story.

A gang of ruthless businessmen who murdered Amar’s rich parents and grab their business empire are on hunt for Amar and Pooja. How Amar takes revenge overcoming his personality disorder and realizes that Pooja is his childhood friend is the motive of the movie.

Amar Akbar Antony Review:

The film is basically a revenge drama. It’s on atypical template of Sreenu Vaitla where comedy is predominantly blended with emotional drama. With a lengthy catalogue of characters getting introduced, the first half takes time to get into the actual theme.

However, ensemble casting in apt roles keeps it interesting. Comedy has worked out with an episode of event organization in USA by WATA (Whole Andhra Telangana Association), not hilarious though.

If only our audience could digest the crazy logic of teenage kids unable to recognize each other as they grow into adults. Revelation of hero’s disorder and its triggering point becomes interval bang.

Director’s voiceover explaining what it is all about is poor form in visual story telling. It isn’t expected of Vaitla after years of experience. Second half is rush of revenge amid romance. Comedy takes backseat for a while.

Sreenu Vaitla himself seems to suffer with the disorder that he switches between serious drama and comedy that no emotion hooks and carries us along.


Ravi Teja is back to his normal look and his energy remains intact. The way he switches between three characters is amazing. Ileana is surprise package. Nevertheless, she appeared plump yet glamorous.

She performs her bit effortless and self dubbing is decent. Vennela Kishore, Srinivas Reddy, Raghubabu evoke laughs with their funny antics. Satya Akella stands out with his hilarious comedy.


Amar Akbar Antony is entires shot in USA. The film has rich ambience with captivating visuals. Thaman’s racy music adds pep to the scenes. Songs are okay.

Narration could have been tweaked to keep up the suspense and curiosity factor. Sreenu Vaitla doesn’t come out of his cocoon yet.

However, thankfully he struck to the main plot without deviating much with subplots like his recent past movies.

Bottom-line: Amar Akbar Anthony – split story disorder

Cast: Ravi Teja, Ileana, Vennela Kishore, Satya Akella, Srinivas Reddy, Abhimanyu Singh etc

Director: Sreenu Vaitla

Music: S Thaman

Banner: Mythri Movies

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