Allu Arjun Garu Forgot to Mention His Name

Allu Arjun’s speech at Padi Padi Leche Manasu Pre-release event is receiving mixed reactions. Stylish star said that he comes from ‘Balisina’ well-off family and it is somewhat easy for him to become star but it feels good to be among self made actors like Sharwanand.

He said the same for Vijay Devarakonda at Taxiwaala success event. Bunny’s sportive statement is welcomed. Perhaps, he triggered controversy by asking people to give respect to actors.

“I heard many addressing big people like Chiranjeevi, Chandrababu, KCR and Pawan Kalyan without respect. I appeal to them to refer such icons as Chiranjeevi garu, Chandrababu garu, KCR garu and Pawan Kalyan garu no matter which party they belong to,” said Allu Arjun. It is good thing that Bunny preached fans to respect elders but Nandamuri fans feel he should have taken the name of Balakrishna as well for them to feel happy with his advice.



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