Akshay Kumar’s 2.0 role based is on real hero

2.0 is taking theaters by storm. Audience are being awestruck by Shankar’s spectacular visual wonder. Rajinikanth’s mass performance as Chitti 2.0 is sending his  fans go bonkers. 2.0 deals with environmental hazards due to mobile usage. Akshay Kumar stands out as terrifying bird man.

akshay kumar robo 2.0
akshay kumar robo 2.0

Bollywood actor’s heart touching performance as ornithologist in flashback is moving audience to tears. How birds have an electromagnetic compass in the brain and how it gets damaged due to high frequency waves transmitted through cell towers.

Akshay’s role is inspired by legendary ornithologist Salim Ali who was called birdman of India. He did extensive research on birds and wrote many books. Government has honored him with Padma Vibhushan. Salim Ali died in 1987.

akshay kumar 2.0 role based on salim ali



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