Akatayi Review


Average Rating: 2
Total Critics: 2


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Half-baked entertainer

Rating: 2/5


Fails to Impress

Rating: 2.25/5



Cast: Aashish Raj, Rushkar Mir, Pradeep Rawat, Brahmanandam

Director: Rom Bhimana

Producer: Vijay Karan, Kaushal Karan, Anil Karan

Music: Manisharma


Vikrant (Aashish) is a happy-go-lucky youngster who helps people in needy. He falls in love with Anaga (Ruksar). Vikrant gets a shocking truth about his parents from Anaga’s parents. Vikrant sets to learn about his background and his parents. In the process he meets a dreaded goon Jahangir (Pradeep Rawat). His life turns upside down. Will Vikrant gets to know about his parents? Can he take on Jahangir? Will he win Anaga’s hand?


Akatayi is a commercial potboiler with romance, action, comedy and family drama in backdrop. Story starts of in romantic mode and takes emotional turn. First half passes smoothly with some comedy. Hero’s character is well established. Romantic episodes also are interestingly dealt.

Twist in the tale comes in the interval. Second half gets emotional with hero seeking his true identity and truth about his parents. However, screenplay goes off the track from pre-climax and the connection is lost. The film has good productional values. Brahmanandam appears in a brief role

Manisharma’s background score is biggest asset. Item song is good. Cinematography is average. Aashish does a decent job for first film. Ruksar looked pretty but has to improve on expressions for longevity. Pradeep Rawat is apt in his role. Experienced actors like Suman and Pradeep Rawat excel in their roles.


Interesting first half



Second half

Unnecessary scenes


Bottom-line: Half-baked entertainer