Surprise role in 2 Point 0 revealed!

Here’s another exciting news about 2.0. If the latest grapevine is to be believed, Aishwarya Rai will be making cameo appearance. The World beauty romanced Rajinikanth in Robo. As per buzz, she will be seen in a emotional scene in the sequel. As known, Amy Jackson is pairing Superstar. Shankar has carved this monumental magnum opus as technical wonder.

The film is shot with 3D cameras and is considered second costliest movie in Asia. 2 Point O is slated to hit screens on November 29th. Akshay Kumar plays  antagonist in the film. Teaser of 2.0 has given a glimpse of extravaganza in offing. Second teaser of 2.0 is expected to give away few more details especially focusing on Akshay Kumar’s role. AR Rahman scored the music.

2.0 Teaser Telugu


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