After Mahesh Babu, Its Allu Arjun’s Turn

Mahesh Babu has launched his lush AMB multiplex cinema theatre in Gachibowli, Hyderabad. Prince has partnered with Asian Cinemas. The lavish interior design is leaving audience awestruck.

Walking Mahesh’s path, Allu Arjun too is planning a luxury multiplex in the heart of Hyderabad. As known, his father and star producer Allu Arvind owns several theatres in AP and Telangana. Stylish star has launched his pub named Jubilee 800 in Jubilee Hills sometime back.

Now, he wants to step in to the theatre business. Apparently, Bunny is planning multiplex which would be named “AA” Cinemas. He is said to be funding renovation of Satyam Theatre in Ameerpet which located near Mythrivanam. Bunny may also partner with Asian Cinemas and the name of the theatre could possibly be ‘AAA Cinemas’.

mahesh allu arjun amb cinemas aaa theatres


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