2Point0 Review by Distributors and PRs

2Point0 (2.0) review is out! Rajinikanth’s much anticipated epic sci-fi thriller is set to hit screens on Nov 29th. World is about to witness fifth force take over the planet in a spectacular 3D experience. Some film critics and overseas distributors are fortunate to watch 2Point0 beforehand. Bollywood star Akshay Kumar will be seen in a fiery monster-man’s role.

2Point0 First review is here. Couldn’t stop raving about the film after experiencing the Shankar’s visual extravaganza, some critics and distributors have shared their excitement of watching 2 Point 0 (2.0) at special screenings.

According to most reports, the stadium climax will blow the minds being manifolds thrilling than the first part climax. 3D song glimpse of ‘Yenthira Loganthu Sudharive‘ is rocking on social media.

The trade analyst Sumit Kadel tweeted, “#2point0 is carrying PHENOMENAL reports within the trade. Distributors who have seen some glimpse of the film & heard some some details cant stop raving about it.”

2point0 review


Chitti tweets, “#2Point0 Review!!!! First On NET!!!! Watched the first half in the distributors special screening!!! i challenge you that if it will released as dubbed into english! it will surely Destroys the world Box office.ultimate content and shankar screenplay is ultimate!!Seatedgethriller”

Ajay Sinha‏ writes,”OMG! #2Point0 what a movie! What a movie guys! Speechless. Perfectly crafted with top notch background score and acting. This will make you love Akshay Kumar. What a amazing he is. He’s hero of the movie for me. Absolutely stunned by his acting. #2Point0

Absolutely wonderful Villain. Shankar’s creativity at it’s best. Rajinikanth was also good but Akshay overshadowed him. Amy jackson was also good. #2Point0

Hats off to Shankar!! Thank you sir for making this kind of movie that too in India. The only movie for which India will be proud of! From acting to screenplay to visuals to vfx to direction everything was first class. #2Point0

This movie will & should work. Though this movie will be only masala action kind of movie for few people but that’s okay. We’re opening indore advance of the movie from next Thursday! Must watch #2Point0”

Cinemapatti‏ shares, “2.0 demanded a powerful predator like an Eagle to be the antagonist for the script. Shankar has designed this character by fully keeping RAJALI EAGLE’s characteristics in the mind.@AkshayKumar enjoyed doing this role which any hungry actor would long to do #2Point0”

Film PR Ramesh Bala,”Distributors in Hindi Trade who have seen a glimpse (few scenes) of #2Point0 are raving about the movie.. The movie will be a sure-shot.. Hindi screen-count to go up..”



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