2Point0(Robo 2.0) Full Movie Review And Rating

Rajinikanth much-awaited movie 2Point0 Robo 2.0 has hit the screens. The movie run-time is 149 minutes with an intriguing concept with 3D graphics.

2Point0 (2.0) Movie Pre-review

The 2point0 movie raises the curtains with an elder man who is a bird lover commits suicide. Heading to the next scene in Vaseegaran’s lab Rajinikanth and Amy Jackson introduced directly.

Cell phones started flying now as shown in the teaser and trailer. Few scenes on a public conversation regarding phones flying.

(Rajinikanth) Vasee along with his team of Scientists are trying to decode the reasons behind cell phones flying. On the other hand, the first murder of a cell phone seller happens on the bed in between phones. Vasee and Vennela (Robot version of Amy Jackson) start an investigation of the murder.

The VFX work and 3D effect are top-notch and cell phones are transforming into birds, and second murder of cell phone seller killed.

Vasee requests Military for the help. A few scenes related to it are being showcased. A massive bird shown in the trailer makes its entry it will give you goosebumps in theaters with the 3D graphics effects.

Vasee relaunches his Robot Chitti 2.0 to save the public. Fight sequences between Chitti and the bird. Graphics and VFX shots are being showcased, No surprise in the delay of the movie as the VFX works need special mention.

Vasee using Chitti and Vennela (Robot versions) to restrict the bird and the proceedings leading to the introduction of Akshay Kumar with a bang on interval

Post interval Akshay Kumar’s flashback narration with Bulliguvva song in the background

Akshay Kumar’s fight for “Save The Bird” campaign scenes are shown.

Flashback completed, back to the present and Akshay Kumar trying to take revenge on Vasee and Chitti. Akshay Kumar is back as Pakshi Raja and drawing the public attention. To restrict him, Vasee initialized Chitti 2.0. Football game scene is on now and Chitti Trade mark dialogue will leave a refreshing from the intense action drama.

Heading for the climax fight sequence between Chitti and Akshay Kumar will give goosebumps and ending on a positive note. The end titles rolling with Yanthra Loka Sundari song.  A must watch film for Rajini fans. Keep watching this space for detail review.


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