Will Tamilrockers leak 2Point0 (2.0) online?

2Point0 (2.0) full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers? This will be trending query on google day after tomorrow as Rajinikanth’s sci-fi epic thriller hits screens on Thursday. A twitter account claiming to be that of the piracy website has threatened to leak the film online.

2Point0 (2.0) full movie leaked online by Tamilrockers

Makers are in panic hunt for the culprits. All eyes are on piracy sites. Dubai has become hub for movie piracy. So, cyber cops are vigilant to stop the piracy of 2Point0 to see that its not leaked online any soon. The film is pride of India challenging Hollywood flicks like Avengers and Transformers.

Shankar has appealed audience to watch the film in theaters as thousands of technicians painstaking efforts went into 2point0 making. 2.0 is a not a movie it is going to be spectacular show with 3D visuals and 4D surround sound. It will be lifetime event to experience only on big screens.

The glimpse of extravaganza the film has to offer. It is going to have thrilling stunt sequences with heavy VFX. Rajinikanth promised that the film will have emotional drama well woven into all the spectacle for it to fare like Baahubali. Akshay Kumar’s menacing villain act adds to it all. So, don’t wait for 2Point0 (2.0) full movie to be leaked online by Tamilrockers. Book your tickets at best of theaters and experience the interstallar spectacle.


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