24 Kisses: Vulgarity in disguise of bold content

Viral video of 24 Kisses making is creating stir on social media. Netizens are awestruck with Hebah Patel’s steamy liplocks with Adith Arun.

TV channels are debating over the bold content giving the film free publicity. Woman activists alleged that the makers are selling vulgarity in the name of bold content. 24 Kisses making video gives a glimpse of the sexy stuff the film has to offer. In one particular scene hero gets into heroine’s T-shirt to kiss her.

The film also includes dialogue with highly abusive cuss words. Rao Ramesh uses F word to describe hero’s feeling towards Hebah. 24 Kisses is sure to get terrific opening with the bold content. Censors have given ‘A’ certificate to the film.


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