24 Kisses Full Movie Review and Rating


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24 Kisses - Nothing else
Rating: 1.5/5


24 Kisses- Bland and Boring
Rating: 1.75/5


24 Kisses Full Movie Review and Rating

24 Kisses Story :

Anand(Adith Arun) is a kids filmmaker. He’s a womanizer who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage. Anand had affairs with many woman. He meets Lakshmi (Hebah) and develops lust towards her. Lakshmi too reciprocates to him thinking it as love. They get intimate to a next level. She asks him to marry her and gets shocked to know that he is not willing to tie knot. Lakshmi breaks up with him. Will Anand change his thinking? Will he regain her love? Will they get married?

24 Kisses Review:

24 Kisses created lot of buzz with bold content in the film. It is full of raunchy liplocks. The film is all about a ideological clash between lead pair. Its about lust Vs Love. Hebah gets even bolder than her Kumari 21F. First half is fully loaded with steamy romantic scenes. Hero’s character is established through lovemaking scenes. Hebah sizzles to the core with her skin show and sensual expressions.

Insipid storyline is backed by the concept of 24 Kisses. The idea of heroine trying to change a guy through kisses is quite stupid. Hero’s role lacks clarity. Though there are plenty of love scenes hardly any emotion works out. Over a point liplocks get sleazy and tasteless. The break up and conflict point doesn’t appeal. Second half gets boring and tests patience.


Ayodhya Kumar picks a insensitive subject and banks heavily on vulgar visuals in the disguise of bold content. He fails to convey the message as presentation goes haywire. Cinematography is good at capturing those sexy moments. Background score compliments the visuals with uplifting mood. Film appears too lengthy and thereby boring.


Adith Arun does a decent job with his stylish screen presence and subtle performance. Hebah Patel oozes oomph with her smoking hot looks and display of sensuality. Rao Ramesh has a silly role and is wasted. Naresh has a decent role as heroine’s dad.

Bottom-line: 24 Kisses – Nothing else

Cast: Hebah patel, Adith Arun, Rao Ramesh, Naresh

Director : Ayodhya Kumar Krishnamsetty

Producers : Sanjay Reddy

Music: Joi Barua

Cinematographer : Uday Guralla

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